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Providing vivid graphics to gripping surfaces.

Slip resistance is required in many applications. Slip resistant materials are usually a textured surface, and made from a hard, abrasive material such as sandpaper, or a softer elastomeric material. In order to be slip resistant, these materials need a texture to improve grip. Unfortunately, a texture prevents or distorts any graphic application. Until now, offering slip resistance and high resolution graphics has not been possible.

We have developed a technology called TwinTack® where high resolution graphics are printed on polyester fabric and laminated with a transparent, high friction, high tack elastomer. Printing on polyester fabric is a well-known technology. Printing machines are capable of printing high resolution images up to 1800 DPI resolution and more than 1 million colors. The trick is to apply a slip resistant material over the printed fabric while retaining image clarity.

We have developed what we call High Traction Polymer (HTP). HTP is a custom formulation of a thermoplastic elastomer that has a unique combination of properties, namely slip resistance and optical clarity. HTP needed just the right amount of tack so it offered traction without being sticky. Too soft it was too tacky. Too hard it was too firm. It was a Goldilocks challenge. On top of that, we required 98% transparency along with 5 year uv and ozone resistance. Furthermore, the HTP is hydrophobic. It sheds water and can be easily cleaned.

HTP is consolidated into the polyester fabric so it completely impregnates the fabric, eliminating any voids or trapped air. This creates a superior laminate with optical clarity, so the beautiful graphic can be seen. In addition, we can form any texture on the HTP, whether it is a mild texture or aggressive texture, whatever the application requires. The process to do this is proprietary, but it is efficient. TwinTack® is made in the USA.

The end product is functional and beautiful. The laminate may be cut into strips and used as a grip wrap for baseball bats, fishing rods, tools, firearms, mats, boat decks, and many other applications.
The TwinTack® name comes from applying the HTP to both sides of the product. The advantage this provides is it eliminates the need for adhesive on the bottom side. For example, for a bat grip, current grips require an adhesive to secure the grip tape to the bat handle. With TwinTack®, it sticks to the bat or fishing rod without adhesive. The grip may be reused from bat to bat, or from rod to rod.

TwinTack® may be used on a floor mat or counter mat. The HTP provides non-slip security without the need for adhesive. Alternatively, a foam backing can be adhered to the laminate and used for a boat deck.

With digital printing on polyester fabric, customization is easy. TwinTack® can be printed with company logos, team logos and colors, or a boat owner’s name or family crest. Photographs can be printed in high resolution.

TwinTack® is unprecedented combining vivid imagery, traction, and versatility.


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