Non-Metallic Thermoplastic Infrared DX Fluid Heater/Boiler

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A Non-Metallic Far-Infrared (FIR) and IR (infrared) Thermoplastic (eg PTFE) DX Fluid Heater/Boiler and Heat Exchanger and Method is disclosed. No direct contact of heat source (electric IR emitters) with heated fluid media; no heating of IR-transparent (low reflectivity) exchanger surfaces in contact with fluids; and instead uses FIR and IR radiation to directly heat the fluid at very high efficiency safely and simply. A high level of control is achieved simply and economically with existing platforms.

Many fluids requiring heating are subject to scorching, burning, and coking. This invention solves that problem with added benefits of greater energy efficiency, flexibility, and overall sustainability.

The unit will not foul or corrode, and will not damage the fluid media being heated. Serviceability and longevity are off the charts. Sustainability, expandability, size and versatility of applications limited only by the imagination.

Novel and simple stackable Cross-Flo(sm) exchanger design offers very low pressure drop, high fluid contact time, equal pressure drop through all sections regardless how many are stacked, and high rate of rapid, or slow and protracted efficient heating. The perfect 'trim' and small-system heater too! - for myriad applications.

Far-infrared and infrared (FIR & IR) emitters heat the fluids directly through an IR radiation-transparent thermoplastic exchanger in systems as varied as heat pumps, solar, refrigeration, electric vehicles, aircraft, chemical, glycol, radiant floor, vapor vacuum, and hydronic heating systems. Sizes can range from miniature under 100W to 100s of horsepower. Perfectly suited to any application that requires gentle heating delicate fluids, medical and sterile applications.

Wild possibilities lay ahead with research and advances in IR control, projection, profiling, emitters and materials. Infrared is being employed far more widely than previous basic applications, partly due to its no-moving-parts simplicity, efficiency, compact-ability, light weight, environmental soundness, longevity, serviceability and overall sustainability. Manufacturing techniques such as machining PTFE or 3D printing thermoplastic sections would be typical. Though a stackable plate type exchanger is the preferred embodiment, those practiced in the art will understand that serpentine and other configuration embodiments employed in given applications do not overcome or affect the novelty of this invention.

FIR = Far Infrared: aka Long Wave IR in the non-visible spectrum.


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