Recycle Shredded Plastic Molding

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A large amount of plastic is used in day-to-day life but near to half is recycled. Recycled plastic goes through many processes until it becomes pellets for sale which are used for plastic molding and making new products. Two different techniques are used to one product from waste plastic. Rather Recycle Shredded Plastic Molding is a merging of both processes by adapting half of the process. This results in few operations and lowers the cost along with increasing the use of waste plastic for molding new products.

In this process, the waste plastic is collected & sorted if required for specific materials else the batch goes for shredding followed by washing to remove impurities & dried (until this, it was part of the recycling process). On the product die, layering is done by shredded plastic while applying an epoxy resin, few having the required amount of layers with high compression of die it is allowed for curing. After curing, the product is molded and required finishing like painting & polishing.

Cutting the plastic recycling process into half till shredded and using through as raw material and introducing compression molding, this procedure opens the gate for a more complex product, increases the recycling rate, lower the product cost, is lightweight, etc.

Significant advantages are increasing plastic recycling & lowering the product cost. The product that can be manufactured can be furniture, vehicle body panels, dashboards, covers, housing, etc, decorative items, storage units, toys, functional parts, etc.


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