Reconfigurable Materials Handing Cart

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Perhaps you or someone you know uses a cart, a dolly, a hand truck. Do you find yourself having to having to buy and keep all three units available for daily work or as needed? Having to stop the current job and then return to the dock or storage location for your materials handling equipment to retrieve or to be switched and then return is non-productive. Not only does it waste time, but it also cost you money!

I have the perfect solution for this, and it will save you time and money!

The Reconfigurable Materials Handling Cart is a new innovative materials handling cart that can be reconfigured into a Dolly, a Flatbed Hand truck, and a Scissor Lift Cart by repositioning the handle on the unit. This versatile cart is designed to make materials handling easier and more efficient.

What makes the Reconfigurable Materials Handling Cart novel is its ability to transform into different configurations to meet the specific needs of the user. By pressing release levers on the handle, it can be easily repositioned to change the cart into a Dolly for vertical transportation, a flatbed hand truck for horizontal transportation, or a scissor lift cart for lifting and positioning materials.

It has been designed with durability and stability in mind to withstand heavy loads and repeated use. The carts are designed to remain stable and reduce to risk accidents or damaging items during transport in a variety of settings.

The Reconfigurable Materials Handling Cart would be produced using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques such as Die cutting, CNC machining and 3D printing to ensure durability and reliability. This product would be applied in a variety of settings, including warehouses, factories, and construction sites, where materials handling is an essential part of daily operations.

The two units currently depicted are identical in their operations.

There is a non-Motorized unit - intended for day-to-day use and is suitable for environment's to are noise sensitive.

Release levers on the pivoting handle allow the user to reconfigure the cart into to tool needed for the job at hand.

The units are stored in the vertical position to reduce to overall footprint it takes to store one of the current units.

There is a Motorized unit- with a key operated control panel with on/off switch, high/low speed control switch, battery meter, rechargeable batteries, solar panel, audible alert horn, steerable wheels on handle, wireless remote control.

In summary, The Reconfigurable Materials Handling Cart is a versatile and innovative patent pending materials handling cart that can be easily reconfigured to meet the specific needs of the user. Its novel design and advanced manufacturing techniques make it a valuable tool for improving efficiency in materials handling operations.


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