Industrial Geoengineering with Free Radicals

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Time's up! We are in the "tipping point."

So, we're commercializing a piece of NASA R&D for generating cleansing aerosols. These naturally occurring aerosols are what moderate the levels of GHGs in our atmosphere.

Through a recent NSF Convergence Fellowship, I began modeling distribution sites for carrying the aerosols into the atmosphere and have parameters for deployment. These will need to inform policy decisions around geoengineering for project viability.

This project is basically a solar powered catalytic converter that affixes to industrial smoke stacks and, once the aerosols are released, are carried into the upper atmosphere where they can get to work in direct alteration of atmospheric chemistry.

This is an emergency maneuver for our team that has been focused on sustainability-linked underwriting for processing-engineering based projects for three years now.

We are seeking this funding to fund our feasibility study and prototype the device at Newlab NYC where we are members on a fellowship sponsored by Bank of America.


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