European Medical Market Information

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There is an enormous thirst in pharma and medical device companies for information. They need hospital data to set up medical trial, to determine market sizes, to quantify the need for new drugs and medical equipment.

In America, information like this is easily obtained. In Europe it's intrinsically difficult. There are road blocks in language, information formats, data release timings and the willingness to provide data.

PurpleXtra gathers data throughout Europe; unifies the disparate formats and presents the data through an easy-to-use interface. A marketing executive can find and quantify their target market with a few clicks, without knowing the precise medical terms.

New drugs and innovative medical devices can be delivered to where they are needed, to patients whose need is unrecognised, quickly. Medical advances are stymied without the knowledge to deliver the results to where they are needed. PurpleXtra provides this knowledge in an easy-to-use instant response manner.


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