DiabAide - The Solidarity-based Service to Ease Daily Life of Families With Type 1 Diabetic Children

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DiabAide is an innovative system designed to support families with children suffering from type 1 diabetes by connecting parents with students and seniors trained in diabetes management.

This innovation is based on a solidarity service that aims to facilitate the daily life of families while ensuring the academic and extracurricular success of their children. DiabAide distinguishes itself by offering a collaborative and intergenerational approach to the management of type 1 diabetes in children.

  • Innovation Criteria - DiabAide's concept is innovative in the medical field. It represents a significant advance over the current state of the art in terms of support for families of children with diabetes, by offering an integrated and supportive care solution. This approach fills a gap in traditional health care systems and creates a support network for the families involved.
  • Feasibility Criteria - DiabAide is simple to implement and does not require expensive hardware or prototyping. The service relies on training and connecting people with expertise in managing type 1 diabetes, making it easy to implement and scale. Training can be provided by healthcare professionals, associations or institutions specialized in the field of diabetes.
  • Marketability Criteria - DiabAide meets a real and practical need for families of children with type 1 diabetes. There is a well-defined and growing market for its use, particularly in countries where type 1 diabetes is prevalent among children. The service can be offered through partnerships with schools, leisure centers and medical facilities to provide support tailored to the needs of families. In addition, the implementation of an economic model based on subscriptions or participatory financing would ensure the sustainability and accessibility of DiabAide for all families concerned.

In summary, DiabAide is a medical innovation that offers an easy-to-implement solution with a growing market to improve the quality of life of families of children with type 1 diabetes.


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