The Name RED & BLUE

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The information is transmitted via the keyboard (Braille keyboard) on the screen. In this way the information is transmitted to the sensor on the phone cover that is attached, capturing human hand movements and transforming them into a 3D image on the phone.

That is, the phone has a special program that turns the braille writing into a 3D image, and also the man who cannot hear, but sees, can see himself in the format on the phone screen or directly on the glasses, so that a person can see phrases on the screen of the glasses.

This is how ordinary people and deaf-mutes communicate with each other.

An ordinary person can speak into the microphone of the headset and all the information is converted into braille. On the surface of the glasses and the phone (in the phone there is a special program that transforms these sounds).

The glasses are made of plastic and have a camera in the center. The camera synchronizes the movements and transmits to the deaf through headphones (in sound).

The case that sits on the hand is made of plastic. And also the box cover for the glasses is made of plastic with velvet inside. The case also comes with headphones. The glasses can be sold separately from the phone. And also included with the phone.

You can easily learn braille.

Glasses for women. There is an option on the image for women and a variant for men.


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