Dream Camera

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Hello, I thought of proposing such a dream camera idea. The helmet camera with glasses can be made of silicone or sponge on the inside. It has a skeleton that is made up of scanners that form a system connected to each other and scan the neurons during sleep. NEURONS DURING THE RECEPTION OF INFORMATION IT FORMS ITS DIFFERENT POSITIONING. I mean it forms some scheme. Neurons communicate with each other. This scheme is scanned and there is an application on the phone that records this scheme. At the base of the phone is a program that transforms the diagram into images. Which in turn have a meaning. Everything works like in the case of the braille alphabet. That is, each diagram of the neurons can be read depending on their positioning. However, at the base, research must be done and an alphabet of neurons must be invented that would allow them to be read during sleep. In the same way, there are microphones in the headphones, I noticed that during sleep I also hear sounds, I think that by mounting these microphones to the ear with the help of technologies, we can still perceive the sounds in the image.


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    Serghei Tanas
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