Cardiology use of COMSOL Software

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Bicuspid Aortic Valve (BAV) is a genetically determined, Inherited Disease, affecting 2 % of population (PMID: 36334952; 36294323; 35748961; 35867195) Both leaking (insufficient) and flow obstruction (stenosis) valves can result from this abnormal aortic valve shape (types 1 and 2 exist) The inherent soft tissues constitution, and pressure issues from abnormal, turbulent flow across BAV could result in aortic root dilatation (aneurysm) that can rupture, resulting in sudden death.

Also the added load to myocardium could end in Heart Failure, 'An ugly way to die', according to an Oncologist.

Use of COMSOL software to simulate hydrodynamics and pressures across BAV, on myocardium, on ascending aorta walls, could help in this condition assessment, prognosis, and indications for Therapy, BAV Disease.

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