Biothermometric Authentication System

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This work was carried out in 2023. The purpose of the study is to create a device capable of identifying a person by Face-ID, with the function of measuring body temperature and sending it to a database to improve the safety and health monitoring of people in public places.

The hypothesis is that the use of a biothermometric authentication system in public places can significantly reduce the risk of spreading infections, including COVID-19, and improve people's health control.

It is assumed that due to its ability to quickly and efficiently detect fever in humans, the biothermometric authentication system can help identify possible carriers of infections and prevent their spread.

Novelty: This biothermometric authentication system is an innovative solution for improving the safety and health of people in public places, and can be widely applied in various areas of life.


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    Yeldana Batrkhanova
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    Arduino UNO, HTML, php
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