Enhanced Multi-use Mobility Device

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The enhanced multi-use mobility device allows patients with injured limbs to travel anywhere without terrain restrictions. Injured limb patients frequently use crutches or knee scooters to assist with their recovery and general mobility during rehabilitation. Both devices have advantages and drawbacks. Scooters are challenging to use on uneven and snowy surfaces, and maneuvering can be tricky in tight spaces. In addition, scooters are often required to be disassembled for transport. For example, patients often store the scooter in their trunk, meaning they must enter the vehicle on an injured leg. This can be a hazardous situation. But being able to convert the scooter into a crutch with few moves makes patients navigate in areas where scooters cannot operate. Areas such as stairs, uneven and snowy surfaces. Also, by converting it to a crutch, the patient can easily store it inside the car. The enhanced multi-use mobility device was designed in such a way during rehabilitation, it can remove unnecessary parts to reduce weight while the patient progresses to recovery (going from not putting the weight on the leg to supporting to placing weight on the leg).

The device was designed to convert from a scooter to a crutch with a minimum of five moves, and compared to a traditional scooter, this device weighs less for obvious reasons. The lower part of the scooter can be rotated to align with the handle, and the forward legs retracted towards the lower section to make it compact. Also, handles can be pushed inside to compact the crutch further.

The main structure is manufactured with commonly used aluminum 6061-T6, and the rest of the non-load bearing parts are made of injection molded or 3D-printed plastic. Also, some features can be obtained over the counter to reduce the cost burden. Manufacturing would be similar or identical to a general scooter, but this device is much more versatile than a regular scooter. Hence manufacturing costs would be identical to those traditional scooters.

As for marketability, the enhanced multi-use mobility device is a two-in-one device. This would combine both walkers and the crutch market in the assistive walking device market. Hence it would occupy a larger market share. See the Statista market research shown in the figure below.

This enhanced multi-use mobility device provides a unique mobility solution for patients with injured limbs while keeping the manufacturing costs competitive. This device reduces further injuries during the rehabilitation process.


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