Digital Portable Patient Folder Using NFC Technology (For Use in Africa)

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I intend to make use of the NFC Technology to create a Digital Portable Patient Folder (DPPF) which will contain the Basic Health Data about a patient that is immediately needed when the patient visits a service provider.

The Phase 1 will make use of NFC Wristband or NFC Card and will not require the use of Internet or Data to access the Data; just tap the NFC Tag on a smartphone which is NFC-enabled. In cases where the service provider has not got an NFC-enabled smartphone, they can use any phone with a camera to read the Data through the QR code that will be fixed on the NFC Tag

This is to enable patients to carry with them their personal Basic Health Data wherever they go and make it readily available when necessary.

The data will be encrypted before writing it onto the NFC Tag. The patient will go for a laboratory test that will determine the following:

  1. Blood Group
  2. Sickling
  3. Genotype

These will be captured in addition to patient's demographic (Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Residential Address, Personal Contact Details), Allergies, Current Medications, Previous Surgeries, Family History, Personal History, Next of Kin Details, Emergency Contact Details, National Health Insurance Number (if any).


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    Yaw Antwi Adjei
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