UnOrthoDOKS: Unibody Orthotic Device for Osteoarthritis Knee Support

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UnOrthoDOKS is a knee brace and a resistance band combined. As a knee brace it supports knee muscles by providing dynamic power-assist in everyday activities like walking, standing, sitting etc. As a resistance band it strengthens knee muscles by providing dynamic resistance in resistance training exercises like squats, leg raises etc.

UnOrthoDOKS helps people with debilitating knee arthritis to perform physical exercise to strengthen the muscles around the knee under physical therapy for rehabilitation that is crucial to manage knee pain and improve their physical mobility.

Using UnOrthoDOKS can make muscles around the wearer’s knee stronger in less time as compared to when not using it. This can speed up recovery and reduce the amount of time spent under rehabilitation therapy. It also saves them time and money spent under rehabilitation therapy, ultimately improving quality of life by improving physical mobility, allowing the wearer to be more physically active and participate more fully in society, for e.g. playing sports, going out with friends etc. This also combats social isolation that most elderly people experience.

UnOrthoDOKS offers both customizable form and function that are not seen in conventional knee orthoses on the market. It seamlessly integrates an ergonomic x-wing design, an adjustable elastic tendon and a form-fitting 3D-printed flexible unibody frame. The 3D printed and flexible x-wing frame ensures ergonomic knee loading and uniform muscle engagement while adapting to all body types. The dual configuration of knee brace and resistance band via the in-built elastic tendon accommodates people with different fitness levels.

UnOrthoDOKS is aimed primarily at the elderly population who typically suffer from debilitating levels of arthritis leading to knee pain and reduced mobility. But it can also be used by anyone regardless of age, body type and fitness level who is undergoing physical therapy to improve knee function for e.g. after sports injures, post knee replacement surgery etc.



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