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DTECTIO, a cutting-edge AI-powered healthcare technology startup, is poised to revolutionize the way heart diseases are detected and managed. Our unique solution leverages advanced AI algorithms to deliver a more accurate, comprehensive and non-invasive approach to detecting and managing life-threatening heart diseases caused by silent, intermittent, or short-lived symptoms.

Current solutions, such as Holter ECG, implantable loop recorders, smartphone apps and smartwatches might require extensive user’ engagement, manual ECG and are either invasive, ineffective or limited in their ability to monitor heart diseases in real life environments, leading to missed symptoms and delayed diagnoses.

DTECTIO offers a unique solution to this problem by using a non-invasive, continuous, and comprehensive approach to heart disease monitoring, allowing patients to go about their daily lives without interruptions while still receiving accurate and timely information about their heart health. Our solution takes the convenience of wearable technology to the next level by offering an automatic and continuous ECG, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

DTECTIO has a strong team with a track record of success in the healthcare technology sector. We are supported by PARISANTE CAMPUS, the leading French public-owned digital health Innovation Center.

See detectio.com. 


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