FDR Cross, the World’s First Two-in-one Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography System

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As the world’s first hybrid fluoroscopic C-arm and mobile X-Ray system in one, FUJIFILM’s FDR Cross is a truly novel solution. The system offers both live fluoroscopic and static radiographic image capture for pre-, intra- and post-operative imaging and other minimally invasive procedures in a single platform. This 2-in-1 design helps eliminate the need for both a c-arm and mobile x-ray system during procedures and the cost associated, while helping to speed procedure times.

X-ray tubes and detectors are affixed to opposite ends of the C-arm, enabling them to encircle around the operating table keeping the detector and tube aligned to capture live (moving) fluoroscopic images. While the machine’s pivoting tube and removable detector also allow for various free positioned mobile x-ray exams. Highly maneuverable and ergonomic, the design is significantly lighter and provides one of the largest open areas (84cm) for its size and class, providing optimal clinician access to the patient during procedures and allows effortless changes between image capture methods.

A game changing innovation, the FDR Cross can claim several “world’s first” features. These include first battery-operated and wireless compact c-arm, a unique pivoting tube, user removable ultra-lightweight and glass-free flat panel detector, three interchangeable detector and enclosures sizes for various specific clinical applications, and the only c-arm with anti-bacterial coating, for added safety in infection control.

Surgical teams are impressed with the exceptional images acquired at ultra-low radiation dose. Moreover, on-board battery power for up to eight hours ensures cordless operation and flexible positioning, even during longer procedures.

Noteworthy, the FDR Cross received a 2023 Red Dot Award—one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. Jurors noted the FDR Cross set “new design, innovation and convenience benchmarks for diagnostic imaging systems.”

The FDR Cross fills a critical market need. Images taken before a surgical intervention play an important role, but so does intra-operative imaging. It allows the surgeon to check the surgery result while still in the surgical suite and make any necessary corrections.

Until the FDR Cross, surgery, pain management and critical care had no choice but to be equipped with a both a mobile C-arm and a mobile x-ray machine—an added but necessary expense. Fujifilm developed the FDR Cross—a functional, forward thinking mobile solution—as an affordable alternative for hospitals, pain management, orthopedic and ambulatory surgical centers.

Another factor that makes FDR Cross so marketable is its flexibility. Competitive c-arms are restricted to only capturing images with the detector that is permanently built-into the c-arm, and their tube head is permanently fixed to only point at the fixed detector area.

The unique system offers significant operational benefits. One system with dual functionality means in the right settings, a separate portable x-ray machine is not needed. The dual use can also perform as a backup to conventional portable x-ray systems that may be unavailable due to high demand or maintenance. Ultimately, the system helps healthcare providers save money while providing higher purchase justification and greater return on investment.



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