Continuous, Pain-Free Monitoring of Thyroid Hormones Using a Novel Biowearable

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Integrated Molecular Innovations (imi), a biosensing spin-off company, is pioneering a novel approach to thyroid hormone monitoring. Our innovative technology, currently under development, is designed to transform the healthcare industry by shifting the paradigm from reactive diagnostics to proactive monitoring. The technology is based on the research currently being conducted, where we have developed a unique sensing material and device architecture that promises continuous, pain free monitoring of thyroid hormones, specifically free T4, in the interstitial fluid (ISF) of the dermis.

Technical Description:
The core of our technology lies in the proprietary sensing material and device design. The sensing material is a composite of laser-engraved graphene, metal oxide nanoparticles, and a molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP). The laser-engraved graphene provides a large surface area and excellent electrical conductivity, which enhances the sensitivity of the sensor. The metal oxide nanoparticles and redox material provides selectivity towards T4, while the MIP, designed specifically for T4, further enhances the selectivity and sensitivity of the sensor by creating binding sites that have a high affinity for T4.

The ISF is sampled by an array of hollow microneedles and delivered to the sensing material via passive capillary flow. This design allows for continuous, real-time monitoring of T4 levels, providing a more accurate and comprehensive picture of the patient's thyroid hormone status compared to traditional blood tests.

Our technology stands out in its unique combination of materials and design. The use of laser-engraved graphene in biosensors is a relatively new approach, and its combination with metal oxide nanoparticles and MIPs for T4 sensing is, to our knowledge, unprecedented. This unique combination of materials allows for high sensitivity and selectivity towards T4, which is crucial for accurate thyroid hormone monitoring.

Our device's unique design, pairing the sensing material with hollow microneedles, pioneers a new approach in thyroid hormone monitoring. The continuous T4 hormone monitoring capabilities are pain-free and offer a more convenient, transparent, and real-time alternative to traditional blood tests.

State of Development:
Our device is currently in the prototype stage. We have conducted benchtop tests with other small molecules, which have demonstrated the feasibility of our design and the effectiveness of our sensing material. We are now preparing to test the detection of T4, and we are confident that our device will perform well based on our previous results.

Our next-generation continuous T4 sensing device represents a significant advancement in the field of thyroid hormone monitoring. By combining novel materials and a unique device design, we are able to provide a solution that is not only more convenient and comfortable for patients but also provides more accurate and comprehensive data. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by enabling proactive monitoring and early detection of thyroid dysfunction, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.


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