RSangoma Computerized Application

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RSangoma is computerized application. The name RSangoma is derived from a word Sangoma which is a traditional healer. Here RSangoma is a short hand notation for a real medical doctor. Many times, especially in Namibia, people settle with illnesses due to lack of access to suitable medical doctors and sometimes also due to lack of medications in government hospitals. You also find people with medical conditions or needs that are not getting access to suitable medical professionals or medical technologies that can help better their conditions. Availability and cost variations in medicines and medical technologies mean that patients can get suitable treatments and medical technologies if they have information. That is not only in Namibia, but in other SADC countries and elsewhere in the world.

RSangoma brings patients closer to well sort out medicines and medical technologies specific to their individual needs. RSangoma is able to achieve this by dynamically (self) registering medical doctors, medical specialists and medical technology entities with applicable critical diseases and medical conditions with their respective associated costs. It is being developed through Machine Learning for Engineers in Namibia by a startup called Aero Edge with the support of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. People or patients in need of medical attention send short words of a disease or medical condition to RSangoma via all kinds of mobile phones or query RSangoma with codes and input required information. Alternatively, people can access RSangoma online through short registration process and input their needs and required information through an interface. RSangoma is interactive and upon patient inputs, it responds with the most suitable, nearest and affordable doctor or medical technology locally, with an option for booking. All costs are presented to the patient in the response prior to booking. Doctors, medical specialists and medical technology entities get notifications to booking and do follow-ups directly and outside RSangoma with the patients. Patients cannot directly contact (apart from booking) the doctors, medical specialists and medical technology entities on RSangoma. Queries and text messages to access RSangoma are charged affordably.

Matlab and Python are being used to develop the application that will be hosted on a cloud. Further refinement will be done as suits the company, to make a mobile app.

RSangoma coordinates and facilitates access to effective and affordable medicines and medical technologies in Namibia, SADC and globally for patients. Doctors, medical specialists and medical technology entities are verified and approved with support of temporary hired medical doctors and applicable registration bodies. Cybersecurity around RSangoma will be fortified for both cloud application and mobile app.


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