DigiScan: Early Warning for Pre-diabetes and Overall Health

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ViBo Health is tackling the challenge of accurately tracking health conditions, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and recovery. Our first use case is pre-diabetes risk identification (“early warning”) and tracking. Our approach can be highly valuable for payers, including insurers and employee wellness programs. As a B2B2C, our customers are the host locations (pharmacies, gyms, etc.) and the payers (Insurers, Employee wellness programs, etc.). Their customers are our end-users. This is an IP-rich opportunity: we have filed 2 patents (PCT), licensed 2 more and have 5 patent-ready invention disclosures. We have had discussions with multiple potential customers and have 5 LOIs. Our prototype is ready to be developed into an MVP over the next 12-18 months.

DigiScan™ exploits advances in clinically proven diagnostic healthcare technologies. We are democratizing technology developed over many decades for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and its sister technology, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS).

MRS can identify the biochemical composition of targeted volumes of tissue (such as a small region in the brain), all without contact (non-invasively) or pain. However, currently MRS is only available on expensive, large, high-end machines that might be found for example in research hospitals.

DigiScan™ will miniaturize MRS within a small, desktop device to automatically check biochemistry from a finger. By accurately detecting multiple biomarkers (metabolites), DigiScan™ will accurately assess underlying health states and detect early signs of disease, such as pre-diabetes, within seconds.

DigiScan™ is accurate; cheap per use; quick with instant result; doesn’t require trained staff; and accessible in non-clinical settings. The value of the technology is to: 1) Reduce negative health consequences for individuals; 2) Provide a simple and noninvasive way for individuals to monitor their health over time; and 3) Save healthcare systems and companies the colossal cost of treating obesity-related conditions.

With a 10-second finger scan, DigiScan™, will inform individuals of their pre-diabetic status based on the detection of biomarkers validated for the diagnosis of the condition.

The device will be available to consumers at no charge. Revenues will be generated through site fees (Platform as a Service: PAAS) paid by the host locations, such as gyms, pharmacies, and workplaces, with additional revenues derived from subscriptions, aggregated data services, and referrals. This B2B2C model is proven from predicate devices and provides the host locations with the benefits of increased footfall, customer loyalty, increased selling opportunities of related products, and the improved health of employees.


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