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EarMem is an innovative application aimed at improving the auditory perception of people who have suffered from diseases such as encephalitis, meningitis, malignant and benign neoplasms. Patients after the disease suffer from brain disorders, one of which is memory impairment.

To solve this problem, simulators with an adaptive educational system and progress tracking using artificial intelligence were created.The simulators are presented in a playful way, in one of them you memorize a certain sound and will have to determine it by the following sentences, the second is an audio text that the user will have to reproduce in writing by memorizing by ear. Artificial intelligence will conduct a control test and monitor progress.

The effectiveness of the methods was tested on 300 people who suffered from these diseases

Users are engaged for 15-20 minutes every day:
1 week: indicators improved by 9%
Week 2: Indicators improved by 23%
Week 3: Indicators improved by 35%
Week 4: Indicators improved by 44%
Week 5: Indicators improved by 57%

In 5 weeks, the results of control tests increased by 57%, users began to complain twice less about their memory, began to succeed more in their hobbies and return to their original lifestyle

More than 400 surveys were conducted, according to the results of which we came to such problems as:

73% of people with cerebral circulatory disorders have difficulty memorizing part of the material by ear
40% do not understand speech well because the skill is lost
62% spend twice as much time on everyday tasks because they do not remember information immediately and completely
83% simply do not know how to regain their auditory memory

Training of auditory memory by game methods with the support of Al and according to a personal plan
Communication with other users to improve the efficiency of memorization

No competitor in the market has focused on improving auditory memory, mainly the emphasis is on the degree of memorability.

In the future, we plan to enter the Southeast Asian market
Asian market - Most startups are focused on education in the form of courses. But there is no product on the market that would focus on the skill of memorizing by ear for people with cerebral circulatory disorders. .

TAM(World) - 2.7 billion $
SAM (Southeast Asia) - 60 million $
SOM - 10 million $



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