Marine Debris Collecting Remotely Operated Vehicle

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Marine debris collection using manual methods is inefficient, costly, difficult, and sometimes impossible. Our Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)is controlled by an operator who is not physically present underwater, reducing risks and improving safety. By providing a low-cost, easy-to-use ROV that is transportable and operates to 500m, it helps more people do this important job worldwide.

The ROV is operated remotely using a tether connected to a tablet for viewing. It has two versions - one operated from a boat or on the shore, and the other operated through Starlink with remote asset management. It is highly manoeuvrable and is equipped with tools.The heavy lift bag can inflate and lift items up to 250kg to the surface. The ghost-net cutter can cut wire. The grappling hook can attach and lift items to the surface, the bottle and can collector scoops items from the ocean floor. These innovative features are not available on other commercial ROVs.

The ROV, tested and proven, is made using off-the-shelf components and custom-made parts. The 8 thrusters, electronics tray, battery, and 2 4inch WTC tubes, are sourced from Blue Robotics, a low-cost option.

The scoop and cowlings are thermo-formed and made from 5mm ABS plastic, a durable and cost-effective material. The tools are manufactured from stainless steel 316 hard anodised machined alloy and are cheap to produce. The collar joins the tubes, and allows for multiple thruster instrument and tool cable penetrators -CNC machined from T6 601 alloy with minimum drag from excess cabling, also our own design. The operator provides their own game controller and tablet. The ROV can be mass produced easily and at a low cost.

The ROV for marine debris collection is used in coastal areas, ports, harbours and the ocean. It has practical applications like removing abandoned fishing nets and plastics. It is made for environmental groups, governments, and companies involved in marine operations, and individuals concerned about ocean pollution. It is safe and non-intrusive - debris is removed without disrupting the natural marine environment. Its compact and lightweight design is easy to transport and operate in many settings.

Our ROV stands out because it is smaller, more portable, and more affordable ($10,000) than any existing options.

There is a growing market demand for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for marine debris collection that are efficient and effective. This makes it attractive to small and large environmental/community groups, and governments worldwide. Also with many ocean-based industries like offshore energy, aquaculture, and underwater mining, there is a potential market for our ROV to clean up these industries' debris. Overall, the market potential is significant, with a wide range of potential users and applications.

Our ROV helps reduce waste and improves the quality of life for people living near the ocean. It also removes hazardous marine debris from the water. It saves time and money by making marine debris collection more efficient and cost-effective. It bolsters the economy by providing a low-cost solution that can be used by environmental and community groups around the world.



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    Product uses Ardusub and Q Ground Control
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