Drone Water Recovery System

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Water crashes are the drone pilot’s worst nightmare. Drones have a considerable amount of electrical components that need to be cool to operate correctly, hence air cooling vents are located on the surfaces of the drone. If a drone crashes in water, it sinks rapidly and if it is not found and retrieved quickly, all is lost including the SD card with the high definition videos and photos. The Drone Water Recovery System (WRS), which is extremely lightweight, makes it possible for drone pilots to locate and retrieve their drone if it crashes in water. It is designed to recover sunken drones from water as deep as 50 feet.

The WRS is attached to the top of the drone with industrial strength Velcro and deploys in less than 5 minutes after the craft submerges. If the drone crashes in water and sinks, the WRS will release in less than 5 minutes and will float to the surface with fishing line between it and the drone. The pilot then grabs the fishing line (NOT THE WRS) and SLOWLY pulls the drone to the surface. Although the WRS can be removed if not used in a water crash, it can only be used once if submerged in water and is discarded after use.


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