Small USV for Near Shore Data Collection

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Our Small USV is an industrial marine drone platform capable of integrating all industry standard sensors. The unit weighs 60lbs and can carry 20lbs of custom payload. The 2.5kW electric motor powering the unit is speedy but can smoothly sustain 4knts when operating sonar. The battery packs are 24V23Ah LiFePO4 on a standard craft which can power the craft for a minimum of 2 hours depending on use conditions. The mission life can be extended by using solar panels or fuel cells.

The robot carries an industrial computer on board that can network with standard junction boxes and communications systems, including SatCom. The data collection platform can be outfitted for Line of Sight (LOS) or Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations.

Due to the patented propulsion system our USV allows us to operate in conditions where there is less than 3” of draft. The airboat style propulsion does not impact sensor readings because it does not incorporate air bubbles in the sensor path like traditional hulls do. The design also also reduces the incidences where the unit becomes tangled with marine plant life. There is no propeller in the water to catch foliage or damage marine life.

The units are capable of integrating with all DoD communication packages with 128bit encryption. The units can relay all sorts of information back to a home base such as: Cameras, sonars, current profilers, DVLs, pH meters, DO meters, etc.

Standard units include:

  • HereLink+ transmission system, Orange Cube flight controller, Here3 GPS, and ArduPilot Mission Planner as a GCS.
  • All units include a protective case for shipping and storage
  • Great for any type of data collection needs in near shore environments.


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