Defuse-IT Automatic Wastewater Treatment System

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"Imagine that a person simply takes a hose and sets his source of water regardless of how dirty it is and presses the button after which he takes clean water and can drink it calmly - this is the main idea of ​​our project" from the author of the project "Defuse-IT."

The main concept of the project is to create a device for cleaning any type of water resource for human needs in conditions of water shortage.

The main purpose of the project and the device is the purification of water not intended for irrigation or drinking. The developed automatic system allows the use of a small water purification filter to obtain large volumes. The automatic system uses Neural-network logic so that the load on the water filter is reduced.

The device uses reverse osmosis to purify water, which allows the use of highly contaminated water. The device is mobile, which allows it to be used in the field or in regions with increased water scarcity.

The developed device is illuminated by a GSM module, which allows it to be used remotely, in addition, the device is controlled by a PLC controller based on the developed HMI interface.

This device is an alternative solution to expensive water purification devices and can be used in poor regions. This device was tested in the Krakalpak Republic, where the Aral Sea ecological disaster occurred.

You can get detailed information about the project in the video of the specified link.



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