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One of the main factors affecting the cost of running broiler chicken farms is the labor cost. Automation systems can eliminate this cost helping farmers increase their profit margins. However, the currently existing system of using screw conveyors has a few disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the inability to transfer the exact size of feed linearly throughout the entire farm. This is caused by centrifugal forces which cause the heavier chicken feed to drop in the earlier feeding containers and lighter feed to only drop in the later feeders. Due to several factors such as the chickens' preference to eat bigger feed and the digesta transit time, the chickens that consume the lighter feed end up not growing to their full potential, resulting in lower profits. Therefore, I have designed a system which uses a combination of rails, robotics, and sensors to eliminate this issue and feed the chicken containers linearly and consistently which would result in a more consistent feeding and growth pattern for the chickens across the entire farm.



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    Jayson Sathyamohan
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    Solidworks, Arduino IDE
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