The Meeting Point of the future - For Bars & Restaurants

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, etc...have just made clear that 8 billion people, EVERYDAY, need to share something with others. While the digital platform is comfortable to use, it will never replace the pleasure to meet physically other people, other "human being" people.

The meeting points of today, which are more or less the same than 150 years ago, needs to move ahead to an other dimension. Recently, the Pandemic has been strongly reflecting what we should expect in the years to come.

A new way of meeting people and have dinner with them must start : this new way is a new kind of McDonald's Restaurant Chain and it will spread over the world. The name of this new "McDonald's" is "xxxxxxx" a Registered Trademark Name for the number one Restaurant Chain in the world.

This will definitely break with the old fashioned way of eating or drinking with friends and will ensure a high level of privacy, security and comfort: while in your boxes, you will be able to order, play music, discuss in a high confidentiality atmosphere AND avoid transmission of disease by being isolated from other customers.

People will be able to book their boxes on an Internet based Platform with 100% Guarantee that their box will be available when they come. The table will be removed downstairs and replaced with another table, fully sanitized as the box itself. No risk of contamination. The order can be placed on a keypad on via an AI voice system. The reservation system will be managed by an AI system that will maximize a 24/7 presence of Kitchen Staff in order to fullfill precisely the demand. On demand, a video of the party can be recorded in the box leaving for all participant a fantastic souvenir of the party. On demand, a live video of the party with an other group of people, elsewhere in the world, can take place IN the box with the help of a Camera. A lot more can be offered to the customers and above all, a 100% Guarantee that the box is fully desinfected each time Guests are leaving the box (same system that in the Hospitals Chirurgical Rooms).

Of course, no payments in Cash and an approved credit card during the reservation process will be the guarantee of a full payment. Last but not least : NO NEED TO LEAVE A TIP ! Everything is included in the price.

This New Restaurant Chain will become a Worldwide Leader, no doubt ! And it will replace most of the existing old style Bars and Restaurant and Meeting Points. It is an answer to a never ending evolving world where you cannot stop progress, because progress if part of Human Being, since many many years. The very first cities where we should start this business are New-York, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tokyo.


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