Autonomous Dishwashing Suite

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Dishwashers in their current state require preparing, loading, and unloading the dishes just to have a machine take care of some of the work. In a world of crazy technologies like neural implants, nanotech, and the colonization of Mars, it's about time AI handled the dishes.

Kitchens are already fitted for a dishwasher, so the goal is to reallocate that space for something more effective. By setting dishes on the countertop above the Autonomous Dishwasher, an algorithm using visual input, weight, and time will begin that keeps tabs on whether further dishes will be loaded onto the counter before lowering them into the dishwasher. Upon filling up the allocated space, the countertop will lower down and a secondary one will replace it. If there are more dishes, this can occur a second time where dishes will lower down into the Autonomous Dishwasher in its upper layer.

A series of robotic arms sort the dishes and dish racks slide out from each side of the dishwasher as space becomes available. The arms prioritize known, easier to sort dishes like plates and cups first and progress logically. The arms then end with what may be the least straight-forward to place dishes, and can potentially be used to hold those dishes in place during the washing process if necessary.

The Autonomous Dishwasher would be able to easily be customized, such that one could determine certain things like at what point dishes were loaded and run so it wouldn't take and clean too few at a time. It could also be put on hold or told to run immediately via a touch LED screen or via simple voice commands, which would be made by connecting to the user's Smart Home Assistant of choice.

To avoid overcrowding the dishwasher with large pots and pans, or unnecessarily using excess resources by running the dishwasher for relatively few dishes, the sink would also be equipped with a simpler dish cleaning setup. This would be geared toward fewer, and typically larger dishes, and would run by having an additional camera for visual input and two further robotic arms.


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