Semi-automated Farming Structure

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Agriculture is a livelihood for a majority of the population in the world and can never be underestimated. Increasing population, increasing average income and globalisation effects will increase demand for quantity, quality and nutritious food, and variety of food. Therefore, pressure on decreasing available cultivable land to produce more quantity, variety and quality of food will keep on increasing. Every country’s population in the next few decades will be increased and providing food for them will be a very prime issue. Farmers are still not able to earn respectable earnings. The future of agriculture is a vital topic to be looked up to. Government and other organisations are trying to address the key challenges of agriculture, including small holdings of farmers, primary and secondary processing, supply chain, the efficient use of resources and marketing.

So, for the improvement of agriculture in the future, we introduce this project where we automate the process of farming which includes ploughing, sowing, spraying pesticides, irrigation, and harvesting, all this process is done by remote control and replacing the different tools on either side of the head with a monorail setup and therefore the head moves the arms and along with the tools this setup is installed according to the dimensions of the land. which is powered using an electric and solar source. Therefore farmers can have another source of income at the same time along with that their health issues can be reduced due to the non-contact of pesticides therefore by replacing this kind of farming setup in agricultural lands farmers can earn more profits.



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