Sustainable [IoT based] Anti-Virus-Trap App with Invisible-Data-Recovery/Protector-Pockets for Data/Files

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• PRODUCT NAME : Sustainable [IoT based] technological ANTI-VIRUS-TRAP APP
with invisible-data-recovery/protector-pockets for data/files etc
• Tagline: multi & maximum anti-virus protector

• maximum virus trapping powers
• maximum/ultra auto-repairing powers for your computer/ smart-device
system during updating sessions
it’s unique in sense that it protect data by auto-sending dat/files/documents to Windows File Recovery
• Master-virus blocker/neutralizer with special “invisible-data-pockets” data recovery/ protection
• auto-tracking protective-codes for viruses/system threats
• anti-crushing-system properties/qualities
eg protective-codes/ IoT based anti-crushing-protective-sensors
for the smart device/ computer system [maximum system safety]
• anti-malicious coding/program properties
• data/ files repairing traits
• Real-time Scanning eg multi-detection & remove of any type of virus in the system
• Automatic Updates
• Protection for Multiple Apps.
• Auto-Clean/repair of data or files
• Fights /block/neutralize/remove all types of malware.

* HOW IT WORKS: simply search & download it from the internet, double click it, see install icon,
then “click -install”; next; select preferable settings, then finally click “install” ,
the system will process it & install it in your computer/ smart device ; it’s done!

• it’s multi-functional “anti-virus-trap app”
• it removes un-necessary data from computer/ smart device etc system
eg create data storage space
• it neutralizes/remove/BLOCKS/TRAP any type of virus in the computer
eg malicious programs/ codes/softwares etc
• anti-malicious coding properties or
anti-malicious software/ malware properties
• repair or renew or restore corrupt files to it’s original state/
normalize data/ file state
• REMOVE: corrupt/ temp files/cookies accumulation in the computer system
• cleaning/eliminating virus from the source /
• 100% instant virus detection & virus-neutralizer [zero computer-virus-data-infection]:
cleaning/eliminating computer-virus without allowing virus
accumulation in the computer system; auto-cloud storage cleaning & cloud data protection,
• computer-system is infection-free
• maximum data/computer protection/
• “invisible-data-pockets” : maximum data recovery”: no data loss:
no need to repair computer system/ no re-installing of softwares again
& again after “system crush” of the computer,
it 100% protect data/ files/ documents in the computer etc
• it accelerate computer processing speed / it cure slowing computer-systems/
softwares performance & protection
• simply subscribe upon/immediately after date expiration
• now can download/send/receive/ transfer data ,files , documents
without worrying about: computer-infection with viruses /
virus accumulation/system or data damage in the computer .
• it also applicable/usable in all smart devices & their softwares
enhances processing speed/ device performance/ anti-crushing-system properties/qualities
eg protective-codes/ IoT based anti-crushing-protective-sensors
for the smart device/ computer system [maximum system safety]
• it make people enjoy computer/smart devices experiences
without hassles/ stressing & slowing down systems/ AUTO cleaning/repairing system

• MARKET/ TARGET AUDIENCE: all technological computer sectors, information &
technology industries, smart technological sectors/ businesses {all business sectors/ all companies} globally/ worldwide


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    Zitela Mwale
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