AI System for Greenhouse Monitoring and Control

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I am going to design an artificial intelligence system the monitors and controls required artificial greenhouse conditions which are climate, irrigation scheduling, light intensity, fertilizer application, insect detection, and disease predictions. The system will be using installed fans, motors, heaters, grow lights, foggers, nutrients, carbon dioxide, pesticides etc to control the following:

  1. open and close greenhouse side curtains
  2. fold and unfold the shed net
  3. control fogger system
  4. wet wall pads
  5. heaters
  6. exhaust and axial fans
  7. carbon dioxide
  8. lighting hours

AI will be responsible for deciding which chemical or what amount to be applied to the plants using cameras and also controlling the climate within the greenhouse. The system will be applicable to any greenhouse by just installing the controller and adding the required components and will be flexible to suit any crop being grown in the greenhouse. It will also be helping the farmer with disease prediction based of the atmospheric conditions and prevention if possible.


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    Chikomborero Matara
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    Arduino, Python, AutoCad, Excel
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