Chompix- A Plastic Pre Recycler

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Chompix® (patent filed) is a novel, compact, automatic, easy-to-use plastic pre-recycling device that processes PET cups and bottles through cleaning, drying, shredding and compression into bricks that can be easily transported to the recycling plant.


Due to its slow decomposition rate in natural ecosystems, plastic has caused widespread environmental problems. Apart from this, a major portion of plastics are disposed within a year of manufacture. This shows that the present usage of plastics is not sustainable. Most plastics are not bio-degradable and take a long time- almost 450 years to decompose leading to accumulation in landfills and as debris in the natural environment..


Recycling is one of the most important actions currently available and represents one of the most dynamic areas in the plastic industry today. Recycling plastics provides an opportunity to reduce the oil usage and carbon dioxide emissions associated with the manufacturing of plastics. Recycling plastics is one of the methods for reducing environmental impact and resource depletion. It can decrease energy and materials used per unit of the output and so yield improved eco-efficiency. Chompix® is an easy-to-use plastic recycling device that aids the process of recycling by making blocks out of the everyday used PET cups and bottles through the process of cleaning, drying, shredding & compressing the plastic into a rectangular mold of a plastic brick. These can further be used to make new plastic products directly in a recycling plant. This plastic brick can then be used for further applications like mixing it with other polymers and used in construction work, melting it completely, creating new PET bottles, etc.

Chompix® is a fully automatic system that will be assisted by a timing circuit that controls the motor movements and activation of various parts of the system. There are similar systems available that crush the bottles and shred them. But it becomes difficult to transport this shredded plastic as they have to be packed in a separate bag manually. This proposed solution tries to solve this issue by creating blocks of plastic that are easy to carry around.

This is a novel, compact, automatic and portable device having the size of a big dustbin. The design is based on product & market research with inputs from cafes like Coffee Day, Starbucks, Barista etc. It has been designed to address the plastic recycling problem. This device can be used at restaurants, railway stations and other public places where a lot of plastic is consumed daily.

Jagruth Tech Pvt Ltd® takes the lead in sustainability by revolutionizing plastic waste management. Has identified Chompix® as one of the cutting-edge plastic recycling devices and has expressed interest to manufacture the device & upcycle its output plastic bricks into useful products. Their website:

Namma Mysore Foundation® (NMF), a non-profit organization in Mysore, who have been crusading for the environment through their tireless work have expressed interest in placing Chompix® in multiple cafes across Mysore, maintain the devices, collect & transport the plastic waste. Their website:



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