World Wide Electrical Grid

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A feasibility study needs to be started now. The technology exists to build a worldwide electrical grid now. The power would be transmitted with direct current to minimize losses from converting DC to AC.

Direct current is now transmitted many miles on land and in the sea. Solar and wind power would be available 24/7 because there’s always wind and sunshine somewhere on earth. Solar powered homes could be on this grid, too.

The transformers could be located on land. Sometimes, on islands. This could all be worked out. Also, transformers could be designed to be submerged in the sea.

This concept is doable and would stop the use of fossil and nuclear fuels. It doesn’t get any greener than that! It may save the planet!!

Morocco to UK (2361 miles):

Australia to Singapore (2600 miles):

Brazil to Africa (1760 miles).
There are transmission lines being built today that are further than it is from Brazil to Africa.

A start of the WWEG (World Wide Electrical Grid) would be to construct enough solar and/or wind power around the world to supply us at night. When the world sees this, they will want to hook into the WWEG. Soon, everyone it the world would have access to Green electrical power 24/7!!


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