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I have a portable, permanent, dome house construction project. That can withstand 150-mile winds and microbursts.

I just went through the mega storm of Canada Quebec winter weather. I though the house was going to buckle under the wind. Huge trees uprooted and major power outages for days.

The picture is just a taken image from the internet. But along the same pattern of ultimate unbreakable dome house.

I have some AutoCAD designs that include utility sheds for the distribution of underground facilities.

The new modular inside walls with pull down safe hydraulic compression arms.

The hydroponics system wall design helps to grow food inside the dome house easily.

The holding tanks on the bottom hold water and sewage for days. The center of the dome has quick connectors to water and sewage and electrical power.

Many more upgrades and new designs for these affordable new WIFI connected AI smart dome houses.


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