Waterless Toilet

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I would like to present my Waterless Toilet (WT) as an entry for this competition. All concept, design and R&D are by this author.

  • Two billion people around the world open defecate daily. My WT resolves this problem.
  • This WT improves health, ecology, security and dignity. Can save countries $ billions in lost hours and healthcare.
  • The WT works by separating feces and urine (NPK) into two highly valuable products to be used as natural fertilizer.
  • This WT is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and hygienic, to separate feces and urine, to facilitate easy maintenance. It can also be a mobile unit; applied to camping, disaster areas, the military and areas/countries without a proper sanitation system.
  • Global application. Open defecation is an ongoing problem for developing countries.
  • Market potential, at least five hundred million households globally.
  • Primary choice for manufacture would be hemp, porcelain, aluminum or HDPE.
  • Manufactured in a press/mold.
  • With economy of scale, the WT would be able to hit a price point favorable to the poorer and middle-class mass market. Subsidies exist in India for a practical solution to open defecation.


Several waterless toilet products currently on the market do not separate solids and liquids, leading to an odious smell, or rely on expensive mechanical systems to process the waste products.

My WT has almost no mechanical parts and is gravity fed. (KISS) This WT can be used instantly in a garden shed or a closet in the home. Organic cover materials for the solids and a U trap in the urine container prevent smell. This WT feels like a conventional flush toilet in size and usage. The user sits as s/he would normally. Urine flows forward into a deep collector bowl that has been designed to prevent splash-back. Solids fall into a separate, purpose-built container and are covered with an organic material such as sawdust, rice husk or soil. Once covered it can no longer be seen and has little or no smell. The feces collector is lined with an organic starch bag. When the bag is almost full it is sealed tight and removed. The bag can be stored/deposited in a barrel or similar until it breaks down into compostable material and used on the garden as a rich fertilizer. There is a separator between the solids and liquids containers. Males (standing) can also urinate into the liquid’s container without splash-back or urine overflowing into the solid’s container. The urine (NPK) container can either be a permanent fixture with a pipe draining into the garden vegetable patch, or removed and emptied / collected and sold. There is a ready market for NPK, especially in developing countries. This could be run as a service industry providing jobs and profit. The design also incorporates a ‘stoop’ seat for the Asian market. Full-size prototype is 80% complete and I have a 3D printed model. I also have a catchy trade name for it.



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