Green Solar

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Green Solar is an approach to building solar panels where only the green light is used for generating electricity, and red & blue light pass through to agriculture below. Plants are green because they do not use the green light.

The solar PV structure uses dichroic mirrors to reflect the green light from the sun through a bifacial PV cell, from both sides, doubling its effective area, and any uncaptured light returns to the sky - which has a cooling effect that helps conserve water. Dichroic mirrors and bifacial PV cells are readily available technology.

The panel power is transmitted through a high-efficiency high-frequency wireless AC link that extends the panel's life by reducing corrosion opportunities. The AC generator works from single/dual cells and thereby avoids maximum power point tracking issues that come from serial connection of multiple cells to get a high DC voltage. Voltage step-up is achieved with small transformers, which are longer lived than SMPS/DC approaches.

With full mirrors the panel is less sensitive to direction, but still runs cooler than regular PV panels, and has twice the catchment area per cell, which can make it more cost effective.

This invention enables dual use of agricultural land for food and power generation, rather than sacrificing one for the other.


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