New Dual Core Generator

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The Dual High Efficient Generator has numerous applications from which it can produce electric power and benefits over a traditional generator design. Here’s some examples:

By having an inner & outer Generator, the loads are equally balanced by the two generators, thus minimizing the resistance on the coils & lower RPM & Torque needed to produce power output from an equal size conventional Generator.

Higher voltage, Amperage & a cleaner sine wave from the Dual High-Efficiency Generator design.

Actual load efficiency, as an example: a 20kw Dual High Efficient Generator continuous running watts are 20kw at full load +/- 1%

One size stator/case from the dual core can be used to mass produce up to 4x the power output, for example, from 10kw up to 50kw, by upgrading the cooling system and torque & wire size. Thus minimizing manufacturing costs.

Weight and size reduction form equal traditional size Generators.

Higher frequencies over 120HZ + for special applications.

Built-in redundancy if one Generator fails, by disconnecting the damaged generator, there’s still 50% of electric power output left. (i.e., 20kw becomes 10kw if one fails).

It can be used as two separate frequency generators. For example, one generator can be at 60HZ, and the other can be at 120HZ for multipurpose applications simultaneously without any issues.

Built in from the design emergency high voltage output as an example, a 20kw in an emergency can output 38kw for up to 45 minutes without any damage to the generators (based on independent thermal load testing).


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