A Prototype Model of Specially Designed Optical Detector Sensors for the “Control System" of a Solar Locator and Tracker, Functioning Independently of Clock Time

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The proposed design of the Optical Detector Sensors System was implemented with the purpose of its functioning as an Essential Device, in a Solar Locating and Tracking Control System, which was designed to function independently of Clock Time.

The Tracker was implemented using two simple 6V- DC spit fire motors, simple forms of Transistor Photocell switches [from the market, for light to darkness operations] to activate the Boolean Gatings and Reversing operations , Solely by DC Relays’ Actions.

System Design Description

The primary function was to Orientate a Solar Collector in order to face the Sun, with AZIMUTHAL tracking of 270 deg. and ALITUDINAL 90 deg.

The Concept was based on the idea of combining a signal indicating the direction of the sunrays, within one solid angle of a “quarter hemisphere”, with a signal indicating, similarly, the relative angular displacement [or error] between the Sun rays’ direction and the tracker’s orientation AZIMUTHALLY.

The vertical [ALTITUDINAL] reciprocation BEGINS when the AZIMUTHIAL STOPS. Functions here are simple [up and down reciprocation 90 deg]. Other combinations [erratic which may, indeed, occur] beyond specified, are considered incompatible and bring the system to total STOP until Self Rectification.

Award of the original Tracker Concept .The Solar Locator and Tracker System, by Panagiotis Stenides, was awarded the Silver Medal “ARCHIMEDES” by the EEEE [Hellenic Society for Research and Inventions] for its Prototype novelty of functioning without involvement of Clock Time [ for an “AZIMOUTHAL” tracking of 270 deg. And Vertical 90 deg.] Contrasting to the normal use of Computerized Systems assisted by Almanac astronomical data, for locating the arbitrary Sun’s position in a day. The System tested indoors, using a Lamp, simulating the Sun, functioned according to design. Testing it, however, under a bright Sun in Athens, presented malfunctions , due to light reflection .A New Conceptual Design Implementation Step by step a differential light amplifier was designed using two photocells activating a transistor’s ON-OFF function [one base to emitter and the other base to collector connections. This seemed satisfactorily working and led to further searching by introducing one photo cell between base and Collector and three in parallel between base and Emitter , installing all in 4 partitioned solid angle for both structures [ the one fixed to earth and the other movable reciprocating “AZIMOUTHALLY”. IN TOTAL 16 PHOTOCELLS WERE USED FOR EACH ONE OF THE TWO SETS OF PARTITIONED – 90 deg SOLID - ANGLES and similarly for the height reciprocation and also for the “START”, “STOP” and for “FAULT” detections, using appropriate Gatings.

Finally, this form of device originated by the necessity of Solar Energy needs should serve primarily locations in the World needing Electrical power serving people in remote places. Also could serve as a form of teaching students simpe Logic thinking . All Patents [Athens] expired.

Ref: LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Academis, IET,Facebook,YouTube [ under PANAGIOTIS STEFANIDES- www.stefanides.gr ].




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