Super Thermal Insulation Material for Heat Insulation Applications

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Thermal insulation holds a prominent place in our modern world, providing a way to reduce energy consumption and promote a healthier lifestyle. Unlike traditional insulation materials, which tend to be bulky, thick, and heavy, a new generation of superthermal insulation materials or fillers is emerging. These innovative materials are lightweight, highly efficient, and capable of withstanding various weather conditions.

This cutting-edge insulation material is highly versatile, offering a practical solution for applications that require thin yet robust heat insulation. Its benefits include cost-effectiveness, compatibility with various substrates, ease of production, and superior heat insulation performance.

Of particular interest are micro-sized thermal hollow spheres featuring multiple functional layers outside, demonstrating exceptional thermal properties. A mere 0.3mm thick coating of this material can establish a temperature differential of 20℃. This significant temperature gap offers several advantages, such as lightweight design, superior thermal insulation, and energy absorption within the coating layer. Applications for these advanced materials are abundant and range from indoor and outdoor coatings to tank heat insulation coatings. Moreover, they can be integrated into textiles and transportation equipment, underscoring their wide-ranging potential for various industries.


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