Flow Mixer Regulator

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This device was developed to mix and regulate two different and miscible fluids, and aimed to reduce the energy consumption. The device has two simultaneous/independent functions, according to the operational needs:

  1. It can simply mix two different fluids in any ratio from zero to 99% between them, to leave a third mixed fluid on outlet. In this case, sensors are positioned to measure the right ratio into the mixer and after the outlet.
  2. The second function is to mix fluids with different temperatures and homogenizes the temperature as required by the user. In this case, thermopairs are located in the inlets and outlet to control the process.

The device was developed according to the DfX principles and there was considered its lifecycle for five operational years.

The maintenance is simply and require only one intervention each 12 months, consisting in verify and change the o-ring, if it presents any issue.



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    Altibano Ortenzi
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    SolidWorks Academic version; ANSYS academic version.
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