Solar Panel With Solar Tracking Device Without Power Consumption

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Idea 1
Problem Statement Title: Solar panel with solar tracking device without power consumption.
Institute Name: Saffrony Institute of the Technology
Institute Code: 039
Theme Name: Smart Automation

Idea / Solution / Prototype:
We are creating single axis solar tracking, Starting with a solar panel which is rotating according to time with the help of an hour's angle. After the solar panel, there will be a dc to dc boost converter connected. That dc power is used by a stepper motor for rotating with help of hall sensor and motor controller. Microcontroller gives commands to the motor accordingly it will be moving.

Technology stack:
Hall sensor
Dc to dc boost converter
Motor controller

Power bank/Battery:
It is used for power supply to Arduino for the operation of different parts like servo motor and LDR.
This power bank can be recharged by generating electricity through solar panels.
LDR sensor which can detect the light.


Nowadays, we can see the use of a solar system everywhere. The sunlight is a natural and free source of energy. The Sun emits solar radiations or electromagnetic radiations. In the solar energy system, these radiations are used to generate electricity with the help of Photovoltaic cells or Solar cells. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the prototype of the Sun Tracking Solar Panel Using Arduino.


The solar panel uses photovoltaic cells (PV cells). The PV cells detect the light intensity and according to that, the tracker adjusts the direction that a solar panel to the position of the Sun in the sky.
Every time, the tracker adjusts the panel perpendicular to the Sun so more sunlight strikes the solar panel, less light is reflected. Hence, it absorbs more energy which can be converted into power.
In this Prototype, we are using the LDR sensor to detect the light(sun) intensity and Gear motor mechanics for automatic rotation of the panel using the Arduino microcontroller. Arduino Uno board uses to control the motor as per the output of the LDR sensor. You can use the potentiometer also to operate this panel manually. The DC inverter is also there which will convert the DC power which directly comes from the solar panel to normal DC power used to run such appliances.

Idea 2

Mechanism of Solar Tracking System:-

This project is to make a solar panel tracker that doesn't consume power. It will be achieved through making a compact gear mechanism that works like a clock mechanism. The spiral spring attached with the gear mechanism, when we wind the spiral spring using the key will work like a clock, it matching the time of sun light/rays. A man power will be used in winding the spring using a key once in a day before sunrise.

Software used in this project:

  1. Autocad-2D.
  2. Flexisketch.
  3. DrawExpress Lite
  4. Flowchart Drawing.
  5. Python programming.
  6. PTC Creo.



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    Harsh Ghediya
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    • Hemil Prajapati
    • Kunalsinh Kathia
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    Solidworks, Fusion 360, AutoCAD-2D
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