Cheap Desalination Device Using Roofs of Buildings

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There are numerous sources’ of salt water and very limited of fresh water in the world. A lot of different distillers work everywhere but most of them are very expensive and require a lot of energy. We suggest a very cheap distiller with very low consumption of energy. It is cheap because: using very simple technology; using cheap and available materials. The distiller is also used for few purposes - serves as a roof for a buildings; provides cool air for conditioning of air; moisturizing atmosphere around distiller; producing salt for chemicals industry.

Because I am living in the Aral Sea region where we have very high level of salt ground water table, the distiller will help to reduce those level. It would help to improve soil productivity which is destroyed by the underground water. Because the distilled water will be cheap it will be used also for constructions. Now we have very low quality of construction materials because we are using water with high concentration of salt even if that is from the river. Installing many such distillers on the roofs of buildings in cities will help to significantly improve life in the regions with hot and dry climate. Consuming clean water instead of salt water will improve health of humans and animals and also raise the quality of vegetation.

The emergence of a new industry for the production, installation and maintenance of cheap desalination plants will create many jobs, which will reduce tension in society. In fact, the distiller uses the energy of the sun and wind to evaporate salt water and very little electricity to pump salt water to the roof. And even this electricity can be obtained from the sun and wind, which makes our desalination plant attractive to residents of remote settlements also.


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