Deep Water Generator

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Deep Water Generator: The deep water generator is simply a device to generate electricity (power) as the body of the device sinks in any body of water to depth. The deeper the better.

It accomplishes this by attaching a generator to an air tank with scrolls or fins on the outer body of the air tank that cause the body of the device to spin as it sinks to depth with negative bouyancy. The generator could be built integrally with the air tank combining the field and armature in the fixed and rotating sections of the device. Constant speed gearing could be added for voltage control. The generator can be buried in the device body on a fixed cable with the spinning body of the air tank around it, or in remote pods on the outside of the air tank that does not spin. As the air tank spins or not as it sinks, its rotational movement generates power aided by gravity and its negative bouyancy.

Once the device reaches maximum depth, the increased stored air pressure is used to drive an air winch to raise the device back near its original position, considering expected event energy losses. A surface electric winch would augment the device back to the surface. The air tank would have a free movable piston that would compress the surface air voluum during descent at 0.445 pounds per foot to depth. Obviously, the deeper the depth, the more efficient the device.

A surface station would be necessary to secure the power/air/stabilization cables and could accommodate a farm of multiple generators. A cable anchor would also be necessary to anchor each generator device on the bottom depth. The air tank/generator size could be scaled in size to as large as necessary for the desired power output and maximum optimized performance. It could be downsized to accommodate something as small as a sailboat or small power boat at anchor or towed underway. Depending on distance from user, an underwater power cable could be used for power transfer to a large municipal market.

Just another attempt at alternate clean energy using the assets of gravity and water pressure to produce power.


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