Oil Collector

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Oil spillage is occurring quite often in water bodies such as sea, lake, rivers etc. Once oil spillage takes place, the process of oil collection and removing from water surface is extremely tedious since oil quick spreads over water surface. This would create lots of environmental problems such as life cycle of many creatures who entirely depend upon sea and oceans, migratory birds, eco-system and bio-diversity etc. An attempt is made to recover oil completely spread over water surface by means of simplest and readily available material. We have used powder of old used tires after grinding and filter it to fine powder and a piece of cotton.

As can be seen in photographs attached, pour tire powder over oil affected area (photo f7). Since tire powder (black powder) is petroleum product, it sticks to oil molecules due to adhesive forces and prevent oil from further spreading. Next step is to put cotton slab over rubber powder (photo f8) wait for some time and simply take it out. We have observed that cotton slab absorbs water and got stick to powder-oil combination which can easily be pullout completely along with oil (photo f9). Step by step photographs are attached for reference. It can be seen from the attached photographs, that after taking out cotton slab it leaves no oil at all over water surface. This method found to be easy, quick and cheapest without use of any complicated technology.


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    Sanjay Puranik
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