Innovative Equipment in Organic Cotton Growing

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Today, many cotton crops are dying as a result of poor quality and non-distribution of entomophages by hand for biological control of pests in cotton fields in our country.

We have created special equipment for the distribution of entomophagola. It attaches to a drone or tractor unit. At the same time, the tractor works between the rows of cotton and distributes beneficial insects with high quality.

Our innovative equipment spreads on 40 hectares of land in one day.


When using innovative equipment, there is no cost for the tractor. Because two jobs are done at the same time during processing of cotton wicks.

$500 will be spent on our equipment, and it will last for 3 years.

Abandoning manual labor saves $150,000 per season. The efficiency of the distributed bioproduct is 95%.


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    Nozimaxon Jumayeva
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    Parts of our equipment consist of a plastic case, there is a refrigerator inside so that the trichogram does not get into an active state; vibrator; spray.
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