Wind Turbine With More Technological Blades

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A new wind turbine rotor featuring greater wind transparency and simplified blade shapes. Such forms make it possible to arrange the production of blades of large wind turbines without the use of manual labor. Usually, due to the complex profile of the blades, which have a variable width and twist along the blade, they are glued by hand in special forms. The blades I offer have a symmetrical profile and no twist. The high manufacturability of such blades will reduce the cost of producing wind turbines by at least 25%. The transparency of the rotor is achieved by the absence of a part of the blade adjacent to the rotor’s hub. Usually this is the most massive and widest part of the blade. In this design, it is replaced by a thin spoke to connect the remaining part of the blade with the head. In this case, only 25% of the swept area is lost. As you know, greater transparency of the turbine leads to an increase in speed and, accordingly, to an increase in the efficiency of the wind turbine. The increase in efficiency allows you to maintain the originally specified power. Greater transparency of the rotor will increase the density of wind turbines at the landfill. And the blades, in addition to making them again, can be used from helicopter blades, parts of aircraft wings (flaps) that have a symmetrical profile or close to symmetrical.


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    Yusup Kamalov
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