SolarAir Cylinder (SAC)

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SolarAir Cylinder (SAC) - Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Units - provide Clean MW Electricity Production

SAC is designed to cleanly, affordably and efficiently charge EV batteries on highways and in other locations. SolarAir Cylinder will also be set up near communities to directly supply supplemental MW electric power so that homes and other types of residential or commercial buildings experience reduced electricity costs. Community and buildings' battery banks will be daily kept at full charge, by SAC electricity-top-off sequences.

SAC's scalable clean-electricity breakthrough design quickly and affordably erects, requires small geographic footprint [1 acre approximate], operates with little to no surveillance or occasionally scheduled tech-reviews and will daily supply one to several MW electric output.

SolarAir Cylinder MW electricity will cohesively supplement grid electricity supplies during sunny days with high temperatures that require elevated use of air conditioners. SAC can alleviate the need for brownouts or black outs due to a community's sudden need to accommodate elevated electricity draws.

SAC uses no fuels whatsoever and emits absolutely no burned fuel exhaust emissions nor particles of any sort. SolarAir Cylinder cleanly produces MW electricity by running exclusively on high temperature solar-ray/solar-heat transfers. SAC's interior cylinder walls' spherical, tornadic configurations turbinate the air for intermingling radiated heat conduction as a well-splayed resource into and throughout the inside of cylinder's high speed vertical airflow convection. This heat-forced high speed vertical airflow turns wind-blade turbine, that via shaft, transfers its tall HP and considerable torque into mechanical electricity generator.

SolarAir Cylinder's design for cleanly produced affordable electric production is not only a breakthrough that will be utilized internationally... CSP is also an energy-source-disrupter that will cause no problems; in that, CSP will assist many forms of "Business as Usual" to continue flourishing uninterrupted, while simultaneously enabling new needs for electric energy to be seamlessly supplied!

SolarAir Cylinder is a 21st Century New Energy - WINNER!



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