Green Fuel Production System

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Need for sustainable development requires use of renewable energy and clean fuel for power generation and thermal application. Various resources and technologies including solar PV system, wind, hydro, biomass, etc. are available for renewable energy production. Biomass is one of the renewable sources of energy, abundantly available universally. But, useful and clean fuel supply to users is missing, especially in city areas for thermal application and power generation in rural areas.

Technology development:

  • Present solution provides way forward for production of green and clean fuel from biomass gasification.
  • Green fuel production system (GFPS) consists of Biomass Gasification System, Bio-syngas cleaning and purification system, buffer gas storage balloon, Bio-syngas/ Natural Gas compressor, Bio-syngas storage tank and Bio-syngas cylinders.
  • A biomass gasifier produces raw bio-syngas through pyrolysis process. Then raw syngas is passed through purification system where water scrubber traps the fly ash particles and partial remove the CO2 present with raw bio-syngas. Further, bio-syngas is passed through dry filters.
  • The produced bio-syngas then stored in a buffer gas storage balloon at normal temperature and about 10 kPa pressure.
  • Then, cleaned bio-syngas is compressed at high pressure about 30 bar and stored in gas storage tank. Alternatively gas is stored in gas cylinders at high pressure.
  • The compressed bio-syngas is used off-line as fuel for generator set for electricity generation and heat generation by using gas burner, especially as cooking gas.
  • The stored bio-syngas can be transferred either as filled gas cylinders or through pipe line for community application, like supply and distribution of community cooking gas LPG / PNG.

Technology IPR:

  1. Design Registration: Indian Design Registration for “Biomass stirrer mechanism in gasifier” filed on 07-03-2023. Application No.: 380934-001, Applicant: (1) Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur and (2) Bheru Lal Salvi. Status: Filed & FER replied.
  2. Innovation Patent: Indian Innovation Patent for “Integrated system for production, cleaning and storage of compressed bio-syngas” filed on 21-03-2023. Application No.: 202311018957, Applicant: (1) Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur and (2) Bheru Lal Salvi. Status: Published on 12-05-2023.


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