MEPAP-15000- A Clean Hybrid Energy Harvester cum Air Purifier

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MEPAP-15000 is the world's first innovative device that combines clean energy generation and air-purification in a single-unit. It solves the problem of energy-production and air-pollution by providing a sustainable and efficient solution.

The potential benefits of MEPAP-15000 are numerous. Firstly, it generates clean and renewable energy using sources like solar, wind, thermal, EM and vibrations to produce a steady power output of 15000W. This reduces our reliance on fossil-fuels and helps combat climate-change. Secondly, MEPAP-15000 has advanced air purification technology that removes harmful-pollutants from the air directly from the source by fitting in Vehicle exhausts, Factory Chimneys, etc.., as MEPAP-15000 outperforms Catalytic-Converters, Scrubbers, Electrostatic-precipitators, etc..,, ensuring clean and healthy environments. This can improve air-quality, reduce pollution, and promote overall well-being.

The design of MEPAP-15000 is based on the integration of various technologies such as energy-generation-storage systems, and air-filtration systems. It features CdTe and Silicon cells for solar energy, a thermal module for heat energy, EM radiation receptors for EM wave conversion, a vibration module with PZT, PFIG and turbines for wind power. This diverse array of energy sources ensures maximum energy generation. The chitosan zinc battery, made from crustacean-shells, serves as a reliable and eco-friendly power source. The air-purification system has ICC made with wash-coat technology, Silica, Alumina and Zeolite, Fe-loaded TiO2, and Orange-LED photocatalytic oxidation tech along with various filters. The device also incorporates AI and IOT. The AI algorithms analyze energy production and consumption patterns, enabling efficient distribution of power to appliances. The IoT connectivity allows users to monitor air-pollution levels and receive real-time updates on the device's performance. These components work together to capture energy from renewable sources, enables efficient power distribution and purify the air using filters and purification mechanisms.

What sets MEPAP-15000 apart from existing solutions is its all-in-one design, combining energy generation and air purification in a compact and efficient manner. This eliminates the need for separate devices, reducing costs and space requirements. It utilizes advanced technologies like wind, vibration, electromagnetic radiation, thermal, and solar energy harvesting to generate power-output of 15000W while purifying the air-pollutants like CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, Hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, VOCs, Acrolein, etc.., with 97% efficiency directly from the source like vehicle exhausts, factory chimneys, homes, hospital etc., Most of the MEPAP parts are made from e-wastes. Use of ceramic-stereolithography, AI, chitosan zinc battery, contributes to improved energy generation and durability. The scalable and adaptable design allows for easy integration into existing-infrastructure or deployment as standalone-units, providing flexibility and ease of implementation.

MEPAP-15000 can be applied in various settings including residential-buildings, commercial spaces, hospitals, and factories as standalone unit and can also be easily integrated in existing infrastructure like vehicle exhausts and factory chimneys due to it's flexible and adaptable design. It can be used to power appliances, provide clean air, and contribute to a sustainable-environment.

Overall, MEPAP-15000 represents a novel and integrated solution that addresses the challenges of energy production and air-pollution. Its innovative design, feasibility for manufacturing, and potential marketability make it a promising solution for a sustainable future.



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