Ultimate Green EV Range Extender and Power Gen-set [Clean I.C.E. Mobility Enabling]

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Proposed is a multi-prong solution to clean, maximally-efficient, low cost, rapidly deployable/instituted, sustainable and ▶functional◀ EV mobility [including I.C.E. mobility] and power generation from one product.

The Major Problems in ▶ALL◀ Mobility and Small-to-Medium Size Power Generation Sectors:

  • internal combustion engine[I.C.E.] and turbine-engine are fuel inefficient in most operating regimes where they spend most of their time, wasting fuel which results in high pollutants and CO2 emissions. As such, operating main and back-up power generators invariably leads to inefficient/costly/dirty electrical power generation. ▶ATTENTION◀: for both, mobility and power, fuel logistics for the military consumes 70% of resources, cost many lives and incurs other damages.
  • EV's suffer from cost, range capacity/anxiety, grid-power capacity and necessary infrastructure build-out, not least of all, charging availability and duration especially in extended transit.
  • Grid failures result in much economic disruption for families, businesses, and governments, including human suffering and deaths.
  • Most municipal/agricultural/forest waste is buried or dumped in oceans which pollute water/aquifers/air. 8MM tons of plastic[and growing] winds up in the ocean annually, disrupting the eco-system virtually to irreversibility. Micro-plastics are now found in all marine life, which threatens massive extinction and negatively effects people who consume fish.

The Solution/Technology:

Using a novel air cycle in a slightly modified engine of any architecture, the 'Zero-Emissions' fuel agnostic [FAZE/𝔽.𝔸.ℤ.𝔼] engine technology completely and cleanly burns ANY gaseous and liquid fuel, including gasified coal & municipal/farm-crop/forest or other waste.........without pollutants...smoke...odor...and...noise[except low CO2 which is not a pollutant].[Gas up at home !!!] It's able to switch fuels on-the-fly, producing significantly higher, uniform/constant, maximal fuel efficiency/torque&power at ALL times/speeds/operating regimes without costly/complex turbo/superchargers[which every OEM now employs], Variable-Compression-Ratio, Variable-Displacement or Variable-Valve-Timing or or other equipment used by other contestants. [It's simple and ready...NOW !!!]


  1. For the foreseeable future, Internal-Combustion-Engines[ICE], hybrids and turbines will still be the inevitable go-to solutions for mobility and various power generation. Amazingly, lifetime CO2 emissions of FAZE/𝔽.𝔸.ℤ.𝔼 vehicles are half that of the vaunted EV's !!! [See graph.That's reality. EV's are not ready for prime time but this solution gives them a huge 'boost."] Ready/instant solution...now !!!
  2. For it's constant efficiency and torque [like an e-motor ! ], the pioneering FAZE engine/vehicle achieves a HUGE 200-500% better fuel efficiency in real world driving cycles compared to conventional vehicles. Green I.C.E. mobility....now !!!
  3. These features then enable unmatched power generation that precisely follows the load with maximal odorless...smokeless...noiseless fuel efficiency...at all times using any fuel, even home gas[No 💲/fuel wasted !!! ].
  4. The nexus for EV owners,.........a small home/business/military back-up generator is used as a range extender by mounting it on back of the vehicle the way bicycle carrier is.It will efficiently take you anywhere a traditional vehicle can.[Twofer product !!! ]
  5. Low cost retrofits of existing engines/vehicles are possible !!! Ready/instant solution !
  6. With only minimally processed waste/bio-fuels or hydrogen[see above], it's a carbon-negative solution. Pollution/Waste/Climate-Change problems solved.........over night,......without major engine manufacturing & infrastructure changes !!!  Ready/instant solution...now !!!
  7. Tested/verified by several major OEMs.

A disruptive technology? From our perspective the ONLY question is... who will do the disrupting and who will get disrupted.

That's just the start. Going airborne...next.



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