Leakproof Valve

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Valves often develop leaks as they age. This is disruptive, wasteful, and can cause damage in residential settings, but can be far more problematic in industrial applications such as petrochemical, hydrogen, and semiconductor plants. Leaking valves can cause fires, explosions, environmental hazards, and safety hazards. We have developed a valve that is inherently leak-proof. It is welded shut and actuated magnetically. There is no potential path for liquids or gasses to propagate out of the valve housing. Furthermore, by using multiple instances of this valve in a network, any arbitrary level of system reliability such as six sigma can be achieved.

Our valve is unique in that it can withstand high temperatures, including welding the bonnet shut and welding or soldering the pipes connecting to the valve if so desired. No previous magnetic valve could achieve this performance, and we now have 6 US and 13 international patents on this technology.



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